300s Social Sciences

The Dewey decimal system is used to organize resources by subject.  In the 300s you have the following subject areas:

300 Social sciences, sociology & anthropology
310 Statistics
320 Political science
330 Economics
340 Law
350 Public administration & military science
360 Social problems & social services
370 Education
380 Commerce, communications, & transportation
390 Customs, etiquette, & folklore

360 Social problems & social services

Hidden in Our Midst​
​​This community-based research report brings attention to newcomer youth and those born outside Canada who experience homelessness. The results highlight unique barriers to access and service needs of newcomer youth (2014).

Strategies to Reduce Alcohol-Related Harms and Costs in Canada: A Comparison of Provincial Policies​
This report reviews Canadian province’s policies and programs that have the potential to reduce the considerable health and social harms from alcohol.​ (2013)