Parent Council minutes – Feb 2017

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 Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Transportation Study: Research has been done and options discussed to improve student safety and create better traffic flow. Many suggestions were made but a decision has not been reached as of yet.

Course Selection Process: Currently looking at numbers of students who have chosen their courses and counting numbers of students per class in order to assign classrooms and teachers. Some courses may be canceled for this semester if there is not enough interest – in these cases less than 10 students have chosen a specific course and all of them are “elective” classes. In most cases they can be added to another class that offers the same basic content ie. a college and university level of that course will be offered in one class instead of 2 separate ones. Staffing will be complete by the end of March break usually. The drafts of timetables is planned to be ready by the first week of June barring any complications. Big complicated puzzle, but they try and make sure all students are accommodated the best they can.

Question about available space in the school as there are programs/extra-curricular activities that are requesting work space ( ie. Robotics team, sets and equipment  for next year’s musical “Rock of Ages”) Currently all classrooms are in use for at least one period a day and none are available. Looking into options.

Many of our sports teams and clubs are doing very well in competition as well as some alumni. Congratulations to all!

March 3-7th is Spirit Week featuring many in school events as well as a Staff Vs Student Basketball game. Monetary donations to attend are being collected in support of the HHS “Clothes Closet”. Many donations of clothing are being made, but some cash is required to purchase items that have sizes missing from stock and personal items. Keep looking through your gently used/unused clothing and bringing it in to the office. If you have a few extra dollars to leave with them for essentials that is also wonderful. All students are welcome to shop during open hours : Tuesday and Thursday at lunch.

Breakfast is still a strong program, with no criteria for admission- Everyone is welcome. Fortunately, with how this program is run at HHS there is no stigma of need attached to this – if you are hungry, eat.

Senior students applied for a Ministry of Education grant to create a Climate Survey for our school. They have surveyed 800 out of the 956 students enrolled. They are sending the same survey out to teachers and eventually parents. This may be a 2 year project due to the overwhelming number of responses that must be entered into the research analysis model they create. The plan is to come up with solutions to the issues noted in the survey. When asked if they would like to joint the ‘task force for change’, 50 students volunteered.

Elevator is functional and usable.