Volunteers Needed for Neurofibromatosis(NF) Ontario

Neurofibromatosis Ontario is seeking student volunteers. Neurofibromatosis(NF) is a multi system disorder which causes  tumours to develop on nerves.NF Ontario is a registered non profit charity completely run by volunteers. You can find out more at www.nfon.ca

We offer interested students, volunteer hour credits and verification of being a NF Ontario volunteer which can be used on resumes, job applications and college and University Applications. We also offer caps, toques and t-shirts plus a bucketful of deep appreciation!

We need Volunteers for:
1) The Huntsville Santa Claus Parade Nov 24th at 7 pm in Huntsville and/or the Bracebridge Santa Claus Parade Dec 3rd at 1 pm. Volunteers will wear our neon green Toques and hand out brochures/cards and candy to spectators.We also need a couple of tall volunteers to be Batman and Spiderman with a Christmas theme( costumes provided). We are looking for happy, child loving volunteers to represent NF Ontario at the Parade.
2) We are also looking for volunteers to help with clerical type duties such as addressing thank you cards to donors and  stuffing envelopes for mail out and compiling lists of potential sponsors etc
3) Volunteers for future NF Ontario fundraisers
4) Phone friendly individuals to phone members about upcoming events
5a) We are also looking for Volunteer Artists to design a fun trendy logo which NF Ontario can use in announcements and family events.
5b)Aspiring artists to design a generic poster which NF Ontario can use in future events
5c)Artist to design a NF Ontario Mascot
All designs can be freestyle or electronically generated as long as they are unique and tastefully reflects NF and NF Ontario in some way
The artist whose design is used, NF Ontario will gift $100 and credit them as designer/artist
6) Also looking for aspiring journalist and reporters who would like to be involved in developing media releases as well as write news articles for our website
7) Aspiring health science students who are willing to compile lists of research articles about NF through online searches etc
Contact us by calling
Or email us at [email protected]