Trinity United Church Youth Leader

Youth Leader
Trinity United Church – Huntsville, ON
$15 an hour
Job Title: Youth Leader, Trinity United Church
Reports to: Worship and Christian Education representative; and Ministry and Personnel representative

Job Purpose: The person in this position will contribute to Trinity United Church’s vision of providing a positive spiritual experience for children, youth and their families by caring for its youngest participants.
Principal Accountabilities:
Coordinate Sunday morning Children’s program, ensure there is a leader (themselves usually) with a volunteer to ensure Duty of Care. Ensure at least one of the team is over 18.
Ensure the Sunday morning Children’s program promotes the values and beliefs of the United Church of Canada and of Trinity United Church.
Ensure that policies and procedures related to working with youth are followed.
Help in the running of a family activity every month.
Ensure volunteer sign-up for nursery is distributed once a month – volunteers will ensure nursery is open and lit, and inform any parents with toddlers or babies about the nursery.
Ensure effective communication with the church and families regarding activities for youth.
Ensure this program follows the Duty of Care as per the United Church of Canada
Experience working with youth
Works well in a team setting
Assists colleagues unprompted
Valid First Aid/CPR certification an asset
Time Commitment
2 hours on Sundays (9:30 am to 11:30 am) with 2 hours every month to help with a family fun night

Applications are open for anyone 16 years or older. To apply please email resume, letter and reference information to Ian McTavish: [email protected]
Posting closes February 23 at 5pm.
Contract runs from March 3, 2018 to June 23, 2018