Western National Scholarship Program

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Attention Western Applicants, check out the information below to see if you are eligible for one of the prestigious Western National Scholarships.


Western’s National Scholarship Program supports the dreams of top students whose potential can be realized through a world-class education at one of Canada’s leading universities.

We’re looking for high-potential applicants who excel in the classroom and in their extracurricular pursuits. And we’re serious about attracting and rewarding the best.

Here’s a sampling of what we offer:

  • One Beryl Ivey Continuing Entrance Scholarship valued at $72,000;
  • Five President’s Entrance Scholarships valued at $65,000 and up to 15 more at $50,000;
  • Three International President’s Entrance Scholarships valued at $50,000 for international (visa) students;
  • Up to 15 Faculty Entrance Scholarships valued at $30,000;
  • Up to 39 National Scholarship Study Abroad Awards valued up to $5,000;
  • Up to 50 National Merit Awards valued at $2,000 for one year.

More details about all the scholarship programs offered at Western can be found online at

https://registrar.uwo.ca/student_finances/scholarships_awards/admission/ and if you have any questions, our Student Financial Services Officer Norma Merino would be pleased to help at 519-661-2111 extension 85958 or email nmerino@uwo.ca