Valedictorian Nomination

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Hello Graduating Class of 2020!
Please nominate a fellow graduating and non returning student to fulfill the role of Valedictorian for the graduating class of 2020!  The nominees will be contacted and asked if they wish to participate in the process. The deadline to submit a nomination is Thursday, June 4th.
The valedictorian process was created by students in the past and is outlined below:
1] Students nominate.
2] Nominees are informed.  If they wish to stand, they write a one page “Why I think I could best represent the class of 2020” paper.
3] Submissions are collected and given to a panel for a blind read.  The three best are chosen.
4] Three finalists make a 30 second video to be shared with the graduating class.
5] Graduating class votes according to a ranked ballot (1,2,3).
6] Top score becomes Valedictorian.