Huntsville Soccer Club – Volunteers Needed

The Huntsville Soccer Club is looking for volunteer students for our outdoor 2021 House League season.  This is a great way to spend some time outside, and doesn’t interfere with your daytime schedule.

COACHES – Get to know a small group of kids and positively impact their abilities to have fun while playing soccer.  Teach them to work as a team, and simply have fun!  This year the focus is on playing games, no prior experience required.  Support provided by the HSC as needed.

PROGRAM COORDINATOR – Set up and take down the soccer equipment on the fields at McCulley Robertson Sports Complex so kids are ready to have fun in our House League Program.  Ensure soccer nets and balls are ready to use, while helping players find their teams as they arrive.  No prior experience required.  Hands-on support provided by the HSC as needed.

Both positions require a few hours of work each evening from Monday to Thursday during the months of July and August (9 weeks).  The HSC will provide volunteer hours, and if you’re a player, we’ll provide a discount on your season House League registration.

For more information, or to apply for either job, contact Graham at [email protected]