Retired Teachers of Ontario:RTO Bursary

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Invites applications for a bursary of $3,000, to be awarded to a student who is in need of financial support and who will graduate from a Muskoka Secondary School in June 2022.

 This money is to be used for post secondary school education, including apprenticeships or post secondary personal
development programs
 Notification will be in late May, 2022
 If you have questions, contact Mrs. Pat Schofield at (705) 646 9814 or [email protected]

 Write an email to Mrs. Pat Schofield, Chairperson of the RTO Bursary Committee, explaining your need
 State your reasons for requesting the money and outline your long term goals and plan for success
 Include a letter of support from a teacher or principal
 Applications should be sent in pdf format to be reviewed/marked by a panel of judges from RTOERO Muskoka.
 Send to: Mrs. Pat Schofield [email protected]
 Be SURE to include contact information that also includes contact information for over the summer months as some additional funds
MAY become available at a later date.

DEADLINE: ( applications MUST be received no later than) Tuesday, APRIL 26, 2022

Note: This is a bursary supplied by the District of Muskoka branch of RTOERO and is only for graduates from one of the four Muskoka High Schools. For information about provincial scholarships contact [email protected] Deadline Jan 14, 2022.


Only one bursary can be awarded. Make a strong case. These are some ideas of the type of things the judges are looking at
when judging the applications:

1 .It is not necessary to be going into the education field to apply, any post
secondary schooling /program will be considered as long as the applicant has
clear realistic goals.

  1. The bursary is for need not necessarily academics but we need reasons beyond
    just that “university is expensive” in order to establish that.
    We would really like to help a student who is not necessarily going to get
    scholarship money and other funding, whose family may have limited
    resources/ is struggling for various reasons, but who does have the potential
    and ability to complete a useful post secondary program.
    We recognize that family difficulties can keep even a good student from getting
    the highest marks that most scholarships require. Similarly not all potential can
    be measured only by marks in academic subjects.
  2. Being well rounded and/or a contributor to the community or school helps.
    What has he/she been involved in both in and/or out of school that is
    What has he/she excelled at ? What difficulties has he/she overcome?
    What goal or cause is he/she most passionate about ? How does that fit in with
    the education goals? Or how does that show he/she can manage time
    effectively ( an important skill for success)?
  3. Has the student been limited by lack of resources at home ( e.g. no computer or
    internet, lack of transportation options etc.) or a need to financially help
    support the family or by the unusual need to fill more family obligations such
    as caring for an ill parent etc. ?
  4. Since we are basing it on need, what is the student doing to help fund
  5. In the student and reference letters we are looking at the characteristics of
    someone who will complete what he/she starts, will work through challenges/
    obstacles, knows how to balance life in order to succeed, has a strong desire
    to complete this path of education, and who demonstrates the type of
    character that teachers would be proud to sponsor. Etc.
    7.Basic writing skills also play a part – Did he/she include contact
    information? Was the application complete and addressed correctly? Was it in
    on time? Was the writing clear and the case well organized and well presented
    and free of spelling and grammar errors?