AI Scholarship: up to $2000 for an AI Camp

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Are Huntsville High School students interested in learning AI with a scholarship with instructors from Stanford and MIT?

I am excited to announce our 2023 National AI Scholarship is now LIVE and open to Canadian and American students! This is the first time we are launching such an opportunity in Canada, and we are really excited to bring the world of AI and technical education to students in Canada. We have limited seats, so please let them know ASAP – we launched this nationwide! The deadline for the scholarship is November 29, 2022!

The AI learning program is universally loved by students, parents, teachers, and district administrators, and our instructors are from top universities such as Stanford and MIT. This is an amazing chance to see real-life applications of AI as well as get your students to be more competitive on their college applications and on the job market – all remotely! 

Oh also, here is a flyer for you to share with your students! Please let me know if you have any questions!