Graduation Program 2020 click here (Lists all grads and their achievements).
For Grad Award Descriptions, click here.
Thanks to Mr. Powell for taking Grad Photos.  Grads can access their photos here: June 24th Photos  and June 25th Photos.
For Grads who were not able to attend at their scheduled time: you may pick up your graduation package on Tuesday, June 30th between 9:00 and noon at the school.
For Grads who chose socks as their gift: they arrived late in the day on June 24.  If you did not receive yours because your scheduled time was on Wednesday, Portage Promotionals will mail them to you ASAP.

Dear HHS 2020 Graduates

As this extraordinary school year comes to a close, HHS staff have created an opportunity for you to be celebrated.  As you are aware, our Graduation Ceremony has been postponed to the fall.  Details will be shared as they become known.  Please see below for details on what’s coming up for you during the last week of June.

All grads are invited to come to HHS at a designated time on either Wednesday, June 24th or Thursday, June 25th.  The schedule is available here: 2020 June Graduation Schedule.

When you come to the school you will find a few things have been prepared for you.  Respecting the rules around physical distancing you will be invited to take your place in the grad line.  When it’s your turn, you will climb the stairs in front of the school where you’ll be greeted by your principal, Mrs. Turnbull.  You will receive any awards and/or certificates that you have been granted, the gift you chose when you filled out the grad survey, and a graduation cap.  There will be a photo booth set up to the side so you can have a picture taken by our staff photographer, and/or take your own, to commemorate the moment if you wish.

Your immediate family (a parent or guardian) is welcome to come with you to watch the proceedings from the parking lot.  Please limit your guests to one or two people at maximum so we can respect the rules around physical distancing and limiting gatherings to no more than 10 people.

Your diploma (OSSD) or certificate (OSSC) will be provided to you at a later date.  These documents come from the Ministry of Education and we have been informed that they will arrive during or after the summer.  This in no way affects your graduation status.  Every graduate will receive an Ontario Student Transcript (OST) which is the document required in a case where proof of graduation is needed.

We will have a live feed video so anyone that may wish to witness your moment can tune in to watch.  To tune in, click here.

All graduates will be celebrated in our local media in both print and on-line formats.  Check back here in the last week of June for details.

Regarding the valedictory address, this will be a part of the ceremony proceedings in the fall.  Congratulations to Aria Platts-Boyle who has been chosen by her peers to represent the HHS Graduating Class of 2020.

We wish you well in your future endeavors.

Your HHS Family.