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Personal Counseling Resources – a list of resources available online and by telephone for anyone needing some personal support.

How may we help you?

Mr. Nico Byl (Ext. 35026)
Head of Student Services
Guidance Counsellor for last names A – L

Ms Ally Myers (Ext. 35024)
Guidance Counsellor for last names M – Z

Mrs. Lisa Poulos (Ext. 35021)
Student Services Computer Operator/Secretary

Mrs. Lynne Crozier (Ext. 35022)
Student Services Secretary

New Registrations

Students new to Huntsville High School need to book a registration appointment through the main office (dial 705-789-5594).  Please call for details regarding required documentation.


If you need a transcript, please contact a Guidance Secretary (see above).  It will take 48 hours to produce a transcript.

Honour Roll

Honour roll is calculated using the final grades earned for courses during the regular school year.
Grade 9: 80% average or higher of 8 courses.
Grade 10: 80% average or higher of 8 courses.
Grade 11: 80% average or higher of (top) 7 courses.
Grade 12: 80% average or higher of (top) 6 courses, taken in your graduating year.
For graduates, Ontario Scholar: 80% average or higher of 6 grade 12 courses. Courses do not need to be taken all in your graduating year.


School Programme Coordination
Career and Vocational Counselling
Post Secondary Academic Planning
Parent-Teacher Liason
Monitoring of Student Progress
Personal Counselling

Who is your counsellor?

Students are assigned by last name to a counsellor who will work with the student until graduation. Students and/or parents are free to request a change of counsellor for another person to work with the student.


Students and/or parents wishing to meet with a counsellor can make an appointment by visiting or calling the Student Services office (705-789-5594 ext 35021), We are happy to help you.

Please note that if an appointment is missed it is the student’s responsibility to contact the office and re-schedule.

Sexual Health Services

Sexual health services are provided by staff from the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.  A nurse visits Huntsville High School regularly to meet with students.  Click Sexual Health Services Offered in Huntsville for more details.

Mind your Mind

This is a place for youth and emerging adults to access info, resources and tools during tough times. Help yourself. Help each other. Share what you live and know.  Click:

Heading to College or University?

Graduating students should be checking the Grade 12 blog regularly for Scholarship links, OSAP info. and details pertaining to Grad.
College Info Sheet – General details about your College Application.

Essential Pathway Info Sheet – Do you have ENG4E? There are College options for you. – research and apply to college programs. – Important dates for College Applications

University Info Sheet – General details about your University Application. – research university programs. – Important Dates for University Applications – apply to University – research linkages between college and university programs.

OSAP Website – access the application for next school year.

Article: 5 Myths About Student Loans
Website: Paying For Post Secondary Education
Article: Why College?
Website: McLean’s University Rankings (excellent)

Taking a Gap Year? This short global news video highlights the benefits of a Gap Year.

Visit & to explore the benefits of a purposeful Gap Year.

Heading to an Apprenticeship/Skilled Trade?

Apprenticeship Info Sheet

If you would like to speak to the TLDSB Pathways Consultant around Apprenticeship and OYAP opportunities email

Heading to the US? See: Education USA for guidance.

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