How may we help you?

Mr. Nico Byl (Ext. 35026)
Head of Student Services
Guidance Counsellor for last names A – L

Ms Ally Myers (Ext. 35024)
Guidance Counsellor for last names M – Z

Mrs. Lisa Poulos (Ext. 35021)
Student Services Computer Operator/Secretary

Mrs. Lynne Crozier (Ext. 35022)
Student Services Secretary

New Registrations

Students new to Huntsville High School need to book a registration appointment through the main office (dial 705-789-5594).  Please call for details regarding required documentation.


If you need a transcript, please contact a Guidance Secretary (see above).  It will take 48 hours to produce a transcript.

Honour Roll

Honour roll is calculated using the final grades earned for courses during the regular school year.
Grade 9: 80% average or higher of 8 courses.
Grade 10: 80% average or higher of 8 courses.
Grade 11: 80% average or higher of (top) 7 courses.
Grade 12: 80% average or higher of (top) 6 courses, taken in your graduating year.
For graduates, Ontario Scholar: 80% average or higher of 6 grade 12 courses. Courses do not need to be taken all in your graduating year.


School Programme Coordination
Career and Vocational Counselling
Post Secondary Academic Planning
Parent-Teacher Liason
Monitoring of Student Progress
Personal Counselling

Who is your counsellor?

Students are assigned by last name to a counsellor who will work with the student until graduation. Students and/or parents are free to request a change of counsellor for another person to work with the student.


Students and/or parents wishing to meet with a counsellor can make an appointment by visiting or calling the Student Services office (705-789-5594 ext 35021), We are happy to help you.

Please note that if an appointment is missed it is the student’s responsibility to contact the office and re-schedule.

Sexual Health Services

Sexual health services are provided by staff from the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.  A nurse visits Huntsville High School regularly to meet with students.  Click Sexual Health Services Offered in Huntsville for more details.

Mind your Mind

This is a place for youth and emerging adults to access info, resources and tools during tough times. Help yourself. Help each other. Share what you live and know.  Click:

Heading to College or University?

Graduating students should be checking the Grade 12 blog regularly for Scholarship links, OSAP info. and details pertaining to Grad.
College Info Sheet – General details about your College Application.

Essential Pathway Info Sheet – Do you have ENG4E? There are College options for you. – research and apply to college programs. – Important dates for College Applications

University Info Sheet – General details about your University Application. – research university programs. – Important Dates for University Applications – apply to University – research linkages between college and university programs.

OSAP Website – access the application for next school year.

Article: 5 Myths About Student Loans
Website: Paying For Post Secondary Education
Article: Why College?
Website: McLean’s University Rankings (excellent)

Heading to an Apprenticeship/Skilled Trade?

Apprenticeship Info Sheet

If you would like to speak to the TLDSB Pathways Consultant around Apprenticeship and OYAP opportunities email

Heading to the US? See: Education USA for guidance.

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Job and Volunteer Opportunities

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