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Heading to College or University?



(OntarioColleges.ca – research and apply to college programs.)

OntarioColleges.ca – 調べて大学プログラムに応募


(ElectronicInfo.ca – research university programs.)

ElectronicInfo.ca – 大学のプログラムを調べる


OUAC.on.ca – apply to University)

OUAC.on.ca – 大学に志願する


ONTransfer.ca – research linkages between college and university programs.)

ONTransfer.ca – コレッジプログラムとユニバーシティープログラムの間のつながりを調べる


OSAP Brochure – find out about the Ontario Student Assistance Program.)

OSAP Brochure – オンタリオ生徒アシスタンスプログラムにつて見つける


OSAP Website – access the application for next school year.)

OSAP Website – 来年に向けてアプリケーションにアクセスする


(Article: 5 Myths About Student Loans

記事:5 Myths About Student Loans


(Website: Paying For Post Secondary Education

ウィブサイト: Paying For Post Secondary Education


(Article: Why College?

記事: Why College?


(Websit: McLean’s University Rankings (excellent))

ウェブサイト: McLean’s University Rankings (excellent)


(Heading to the US? See: Education USA for guidance.)

USに行く予定ですか?チェック:Education USA


New Registrations



(Students new to Huntsville High School need to book a registration appointment through the main office (dial 705-789-5594).  Please call for details regarding required documentation.)

ハンツビルハイスクールの新しい生徒はメインオフィスを通して登録のアポイントメントを予約する必要があります(ダイアル 705−789−5594)。


How may we help you?



(Mr. Nico Byl (Ext. 278)

Student Services Department Head

Guidance Counsellor for last names A – L

e-mail: [email protected]

Mr.Nico Byl(Ext.278)



email: [email protected]


(Mrs. Alison Myers (Ext. 306)

Guidance Counsellor for last names M – Z.

e-mail: [email protected]

Mrs. Alison Myers(Ext. 306)


email:[email protected]


(Mrs. Jane Finbow (Ext. 224)

Student Services Office Manager/Computer Operator

e-mail: [email protected])

Mrs. Jane Finbow(Ext. 224)


email:[email protected]


(Mrs. Lynne Crozier (Ext. 230)

Student Services Office Support Staff

e-mail: [email protected]

Mrs. Lynne Crozier(Ext.230)


email:[email protected]