(We are trying out eBooks, login information is available from library staff, let us know what you think!)



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(We live in the information age, our library resource centre is here to help you!)




In addition to our wonderful collection of fiction/non-fiction books we provide a variety of technology that students can use from iPads to SmartBoards.

Our computer lab is often booked by classes.  If a class is not using it students are welcome to use the computers to work on assignments.

We are open from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm so students can work on assignments.)





(At HHS students start with $5.00 in the their printing account. Each black and white page costs $0.10 and each colour page costs $0.50. Students can add money to their accounts at the library circulation desk.

Have your own laptop? HHS provides a Guest Network – simply use your student username and login to access the Internet. All students are provided with a Google Drive account that they can use to access school files at home.

Forgot your password? Need to add money to your printing account? Login not working? Our librarians will help you.)





(Usage of computer resource in HHS is a privilege. Please note that all users must follow the TLDSB Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Our library is a very popular place to be. In order to ensure that we are able to afford great quality resource we have the following policies:)

HHSのコンピューターの使用は特権です。ユーザー全員がTLDSB コンピューターをフォローし、インターネットの利用規定を守って下さい。



(Books and most print resources are due 3 weeks from the day they are signed out. Overdue books are charged a fee of $0.10 per day.

USB drives and library cameras are due the day after they are signed out. Overdue items are charged a fee of $1.00 per day.

iPads, iPods, library laptops are to remain in the library and are due at the end of the period that they are signed out. Overdue items may be charged up to $5.00 per hour.)




(Textbooks are due the day of the course exam. Items not returned will be charged the cost of the textbook.

Students with overdue items may have their computer privileges removed from the school computers.

Our primary concern with lost materials is to try to recover the item, or the cost of the item. We also encourage students to resolve the situation and are always willing to negotiate a resolution that is acceptable to the school and the student. Computer access is restored when the item is returned.)