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Link Crew is a team of senior Hoyas that work to welcome new students to our school.  They visit grade 8 classrooms in June and organize and run the annual grade 9 welcome dance.  They participate in events throughout the school year that welcome guests into our building.  The center piece of the Link Crew experience is the opportunity to deliver an amazing orientation day event to our new students in September.

Link Crew 2018/2019 Applications are now Live! Due: May 16th

Link Crew Application 2018/2019


Thursday, August 30th

9:00AM to 1:30PM. 


Information for Link Crew Leaders

Below are dates and events that you are required to attend as a Link Leader; please make sure you are available to attend all of these events.

  • May Development Day: WednesdayMay 23rd(you will be excused from class for a ½ day – 12:20 to 3:10)
  • Link Leader Training: Tuesday Aug. 28th & Wednesday Aug. 29th(Training runs all day 9am to 2pm, at HHS)
  • Grade Nine Orientation: Thursday August 30th (Plan to be at school from 8am to 2pm)
  • First Day of School: , Tuesday September. 4th wear your Link Crew Leader Shirt and help grade nines with directions and questions.
  • Attend the “Back to School Dance”: – TBA.  Call your Link Crew and invite them to attend the dance with you!
  • Be Available for Follow Up Activities throughout the school year

Questions about anything and everything Link Crew can be directed to Ms. Ally Myers in Student Services, Mrs. Jennifer Creasor in Languages, Ms. Mulder in Math, or Ms. Sara Hutson in Phys Ed.,