Transforming Together was an event that was held this year to support students with more complex disabilities navigate their own journey with our community partners. Several were represented. It was three sessions and was held in April and May 2021. The following links are from these sessions. Great information for students and parents.

Transforming Together 2021 Session 1:

Transforming Together 2021 Session 2:

Transforming Together 2021 Session 3:

We also encourage families to check out these supportive Community Partners:

Muskoka Family Network:

Muskoka Family Network supports families of people with disabilities -  Huntsville Doppler

The Muskoka Family Network is for families and friends touched by a differing ability to come together. It is all about connecting with other families.  As a Family Network they can encourage family to family learning, enhance community relationships, deepen their own relationships, build leadership capacity, create a mentorship between families, create a hub where all communication flows, share resources, create lasting connections with other families as the students age as well as create new relationships as they help each other.  They have a great facebook page that lists workshops, community events, etc. This network is not to replace therapists, doctor diagnosis, etc. but a parental and family learning hub. Our hope is to have a parent session where they come and let you know more about the links that the families are making and their goals. – Muskoka Family Network Facebook Page


One Kids Place:

One Kids Place is a fabulous community partner that is offering workshops for families.  THey also offer Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy on a school based referral basis. Please see the list of workshops below on our website as well as their website.


Community Living Huntsville:

Community Living Huntsville provides supports and advocacy for individuals with developmental disabilities. These include assistance in preparing for and securing employment, assistance with living independently in one’s own home, Resource Teacher Program which provides assistance to families with children between the ages of 2-6, supports to families with children age 6-18, promoting community participation by assisting with skill building, continued learning, volunteering or leisure time pursuits. They can also assist with coordinating respite services and have four residential group homes.