Join the School/Parent Council!

All parents are welcome. This is an excellent way to be involved and to learn about what is happening at the school. We meet virtually 4 – 5 times a year – on Mondays at 6:30pm. We discuss, for example, school events, academics, current issues, and initiatives. The School/Parent Council often facilitates fundraising initiatives and parent engagement activities.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in joining the council.


Minutes from February meeting

February 26, 2024 6:30pm


Attendees – Tracy P, Sonya M, Danie D, Lisa K, Stasi O, Andrea B, Sue A, Catherine Z, Shannon L, Christine T, Lisa K, Sara N, Vanessa Taylor (teacher rep – Head of School Improvement), Ruby M (student rep), Kelly Picken

Agenda and Minutes: 

  • Principal welcome – Kelly Picken
  • Approval of Minutes from December 4, 2023
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Update of School Happenings – Kelly
    • Athletics, Music Department, Drama, Robotics gearing up for Newmarket and North Bay, Intramurals run by Leadership Class, Mental Health Committee
    • Course Selection Night – had a great turnout for all the grades
    • Study Skills workshops for all grade 9s complete 
    • Research workshops for grade 9s beginning
    • Assessment and Evaluation Procedures reviewed and “tightened up” re lateness of assignments & focus on academic honesty, focus on grades 9-11
    • 900/1000 students completed their course selection on time, now staff have to decide which ones can be offered based on numbers
    • Literacy Coach working with grade 9 students
    • Progress Reports go home on March 5
    • March 7 – parent & teacher meetings – busy times seem to be 4:00-5:00 and 6:00-6:30 – teachers will be in the hallway rather than the gym, and in the cafeteria
    • March 5 – workshop on consent for grades 11 & 12
    • 47 students and staff heading to France for a French Immersion trip
    • April 22 & June 3 – Grad meetings for the students
    • Spring sports start soon
  • Vanessa Taylor – Directions Team – Student and School Achievement Plans
    • Literacy help for students is highly based on OSSLT (Grade 10 Literacy Test) and grade 9 intervention in reading. This test is a requirement for graduation.
    • 76% of first-time writers were successful; more effort now spent on helping “second time writers” through coaching and courses
    • Ministry of Education seems to be hoping to give teachers more information regarding individual students but the move to online testing has delayed or complicated the sharing of those results
    • HHS is one of the only schools in the board to have ALL grade 10 students write at the same time, rather than doing it when they take English.  That way, students who are not successful can write it a second time in their grade 10 year rather than wait until grade 11. These students can receive targeted instruction to help them be successful. 
    • EQAO Math Test – runs differently. Held in the math class at the end of the semester. Students are encouraged to take their time and show their rough work to help them prepare for the multiple select questions.
    • Preparing for Future Success – prep for when students leave high school; how to keep students who have signed up for the High Skills program in it until the end; the launch of the cleaned up website as a resource for students to know where to go for help; new Staff and Student Conversations on Friday mornings
    • Question from Stasi about what students learn about computers and digital literacy and where/how they learn that. Answer – grade 9s have had their chromebooks for 2 years and so come with experience and learning from their elementary teachers;  grade 9’s get some lessons on how to use their Chromebooks, and they get some lessons if they sign up for the grade 9 business elective.   Stasi suggested that she could perhaps run a workshop.  Discussion about note-taking by hand vs computer, Chromebooks, social media.
    • New TLDSB program – IMPERO – students in class have to share their screen with teacher; training for teachers is coming
    • Thank you to Ruby M. in grade 11 for being our student representative
  • Christine T – We have a Student Safety Initiative grant from the board.  We are pursuing a speaker on human trafficking for a parent-education evening and possibly for students during the day.  The gym has poor acoustics; public schools in town can partner with us; Algonquin Theatre is available and offered to us at a good price. We run our own ticket sales there.  
  • Paul Davis was popular – we could have him back – we always need that information!
  • Prom and Graduation Update-Kelly Picken  Prom will be a sit-down dinner at Hidden Valley on June 13. Deerhurst will not take the high school for graduation, so graduation will be held in the gym on June 27 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.  210 grads this year.  All students will get 2 tickets to start and more tickets will be offered as they are available.  Graduation will likely be live-streamed like last year. 
  • Questions?     

Lions Club – Dr Elke Scholz Anxiety – all welcome March 7

Soap – sometimes there is no soap in the washrooms because the box gets ripped off the wall. It gets replaced as soon as possible. Working with the health unit about putting hand sanitizer in the hall. Parents are encouraged to send their children with hand sanitizer. 

Staff Shortage – “on call” other teachers cover classes for teachers who are away with sports. Sometimes grade 12’s work in the library.

  • English Dept is working on bringing the standard of the courses up and close the gap that Covid caused.  

Upcoming Meeting: 

*new* Monday, April 15, 6:30 in the HHS Library


Minutes from November meeting

December 4, 2023 6:30pm 

Present – Kelly Picken (Principal), Sara Berry-Nakamoto, Christine Tulloch, Tracey Peters, Paula Smith, Corinne Schaufelberger, Shannon Lockwood, Gabriella Brown

Regrets: Vanessa Taylor (Teacher Rep)


  1. Principal welcome – Kelly Picken
  • Approval of Oct. Minutes – Approved. Minutes are posted by someone in the office on the school website under Parent Council (tab right side, blue button that says “Parent Council”). Suggestion to email a link to the minutes with the reminder for the next meeting, as well as the agenda for the meeting. 
  1. School Happenings: 
  • Teams are up and running – basketball, volleyball, curling, hockey, nordic ski, alpine ski, swim 
  • Music activities in full swing – Jazz band, senior concert band
  • Improv club 
  • Grade 12 transition activities – university, college, military info sessions -continue all year;
  • Lunch time library activities – taste test challenge, trivia challenge
  • Fall Awards Night Oct 26
  • Hoya Day – Oct. 27
  • Hallowe’en events – haunted house
  • Fall Fling was cancelled
  • Remembrance Day Assembly
  • Mid-term report cards went home November 10 
  • OSSLT writing Nov. 13 – 16 – Grade 10 Literacy Test.  Students who are not successful will receive targeted intervention and re-write in the Spring.
  • Butterfly Project – Mental Health – stressing hope, resilience, and kindness Nov. 16
  • Pathways to Success – Grade 8 visits and drama/band visits
  • SHSM programs running
  • Coming up:
  • Toy Drive and Food Drive until the holidays
  • Lunch time library activities continue – holiday card-making Dec. 15
  • Climate Action Film Festival – Nov. 29 – students attending in the afternoon – open to public in the evening – Students will attend Dec. 13
  • Caf Jam Nov. 29 – postponed
  • Band performance at Algonquin Theatre December 14
  • Holiday Spirit Week – Dec. 15 – 22 – 2 days of alternate schedule: Friday Dec 15 is the Pancake Breakfast; 22 – Holiday Assembly
  • Hoya Grad Panel – last week before the holidays
  • Holiday Break starts Dec 22  – First day back is Jan 6
  • Grade 9 Study Skills Workshops in January – first two weeks of January, every grade 9 class as well as other grades/classes if teachers request it
  • Course Selection Night – like last year – we invite all parents to come – there will be meetings for grade 9, 10, 11 parents – to discuss course selections for the following year – Discussion ensued. Promote this event to parents, who want more info about course selections and also put it in writing because shift workers find it difficult to attend evening info events.  
  • Grade 9 Math EQAO – Jan 22 and exam schedule 
  • Quiet Days – January 24 – 25 – Cocoa and Cram – until 4pm in Library
  • Exams – January 26, 29, 30, 31 – snow day back up Feb. 1
  • International Trips are starting again – French Immersion Trip to France in March and 2 or 3 trips are starting to plan for spring of 2025 (Band to Cuba, Science to Peru and CAWS to Europe)
  • Clubs and Teams – list was provided
  1. School Improvement Plan – Ministry of Education Driven
  • OSSLT test -75% successful 
  • Literacy – Reading levels for grade 9 students
  • EQAO Math – meet provincial standard of 54%
  • Specialist High Skills Major – big push on to increase our completion rates. 6 offered at HHS – no details yet about the Ministry of Education mandating a skilled trades course for students, perhaps by Sept. 2024
  • Mental Health – 80% students knowing where and how to access mental health supports
  • Strive for students to feel welcome and safe
  1. TLDSB Council Chairs meeting – Sara Berry-Nakamoto
  • Attended virtual meeting of TLDSB Parent Council Chairs Meeting.  Minutes are posted on TLDSB website. Updates: big push on trades, uncertainty about how the Ministry is going to roll it out. EQAO results – gains in the Literacy Test and Grade 10 math.  $500 again this year for parent engagement. Parent Council resources shared with Parent Council executive members.
  1. Other Business
  • Recipes in a Jar – first time this fundraiser has run.  Great fundraiser/very easy to organize on the school’s part – parent council not needed.  Online component was great.  $2500 raised. 30 packages distributed to The Table and Salvation Army.   A few ideas shared to make it bigger and better next year.  The Ministry of Education does NOT fund any extracurriculars; the money for buses comes from cash-strapped TLDSB. 
  • Parent Information Evenings – Vaping Info Night – number of attendees very small – What can we do to attract more parents? What do parents want?
  • Periods are now known as A,B,C,D instead of 1,2,3,4 to avoid confusion with “first period”
  • Feedback on HHS Awards Night: it was a nice night – good pace; if a student is not present, their name is not shared that evening but posted in the school in a few different places. Could students get separate certificates? E.g. for highest marks in each class. The Principal’s Honour Roll is a separate certificate. More notice for parents, and students to book it off of work – Kelly to send it out in September – idea to change the date on the certificate – back date it to June instead of a date in the fall.
  • Future Fundraising ideas (Spring): Ideas – Sandhill Nursery Fundraiser (Pine Glen PS), share the Riverside Craft Show
  • Spring guest speaker, topics – bring in a bigger name speaker and combine with other schools – speaker who wrote “The Game Plan”?
  • Tracey has expressed interest in joining our PC board – show of hands for her to be co-chair – passed unanimously.
  • Collect emails – personal emails that our group will send out and Kelly will also send out a big email to all parents re future meetings
  • OPP – Matt Turner, Staff Sgt. – Helping to figure out who is the connection for the school – School has asked to have an officer onsite as much as possible especially during breaks, inside and outside.  Many officers have asked to tour the school.  Plan to have a good relationship with OPP but no mandate by board and province to have an officer in the school all the time so no funding,  (unlike in the past).
  • A concern was raised about consistency in grading in English across classes/teachers – grammar, punctuation, capitals, etc. Grade 12 is so much harder than in the lower grades.  Other subjects mark more on content – but some projects in those classes will be marked in English.  The school is continuously working on teachers collaborating – part of the problem might be related to Covid and lower expectations during Covid online learning. 
  • Discussion ensued about getting lights at the crosswalk near Oliver’s; Town owns half the sidewalk and school was happy to get the crosswalk!  
  • Graduation Notes:

Grad Photos Dates have JUST been booked

Graduation – Date – June 27, 2024 – 4:00 pm – 210 students graduating this year

No venue yet.  First choice is Deerhurst, but Deerhurst is not committing at this point – grad might conflict with a dance tournament that has yet to be announced.  

Ice will be on the Don, and there is no cover for it.  So it will be on the Jack if it is at the Summit Centre. Summit Centre working on more seating than last year.  Plus, the school wants to accommodate four tickets per student, but in the past students would get two tickets and if you needed extras your name went in a draw, and most people got the tickets they needed (up to five last year).   HHS Gym does hold 850 with chairs.  School will send out a survey to see what people would prefer – separate survey for students and parents.

Town of HV will not let us have Conroy Park.  Outdoors is not an option. 

Upcoming Meetings:

Monday, February 12 at 6:30 pm in the library 

Monday, May 13 at 6:30 pm


Minutes from October meeting

School/Parent Council Meeting
Oct. 23, 2023 6:30pm
HHS Library

Agenda and Minutes: 

Present: Kelly Picken, Courtney Brown, Sara Nakamoto-Barry, Andrea Barton, Lisa Kidd, Angela Kujala, Shannon Lockwood, Christine Tulloch, Tracy Peters, Sonya Martins, Jen Holinshead, Catherine Zacal, Gabriella Brown

  • Introductions and Welcome
  • Thank you for coming today – chance to learn more about what is happening in the school and stay involved – Four Meetings a Year
  • School Happenings from Kelly Picken
    • Grade 9 Parent/Guardian Meeting
    • Terry Fox Walk and fund-raiser
    • Grade 9 Dance
    • HULC night
    • Clubs and Teams Day 
    • Recognized Orange Shirt Day – Truth and Reconciliation
    • HLC Theme days – Flannel day, Taylor Swift Eras day
    • Teams are up and running – bball, vball, soccer, x-c running, golf
    • Music activities in full swing – Jazz band, senior concert band
    • Improv club started last week 
    • Parent -Teacher interviews – feedback – some teachers spend way too long with individual parents. Small gym is noisy.  Interviews will be moved into the hallway for next time.
    • Grade 12 transition activities – university, college, military info sessions -continue all year

Coming up:

  • Lunch time library activities – taste test challenge, trivia challenge, holiday card-making
  • Fall Awards Night Oct 26
  • Hoya Day – Oct. 27
  • Hallowe’en events – haunted house
  • Fall Fling Nov. 3 – tickets on sale now
  • Remembrance Day Assembly
  • Mid-term report cards coming out November 10 
  • OSSLT writing Nov. 13 – 16 – aka Grade 10 Literacy Test.  Students who do not pass get targeted help and re-write in the Spring.  If a student does not pass, he or she can rewrite in grade 11 or take a mandatory course.
  • Caf Jam – fundraiser
  • Butterfly Project – Mental Health – stressing hope, resilience, and kindness Nov. 16
  • Pancake Day – Nov. 23 – always popular
  • Climate Action Film Festival – Nov. 29 – students will be able to get free tickets
  • Caf Jam Nov. 29 – fundraiser for Music department
  • Recipes in a Jar fundraiser – on now.  Company also donates to local food bank, in this case, The Table. Volunteers needed to sort and organize upon delivery to school for distribution.
  • HHS website  – wealth of information for students and parents.  Can the timetable order be posted well in advance? Kelly to talk to office admin. DONE
  • PD days – working with consultants to develop our School Improvement and Equity Plan –  how to be a high achieving school where all students can reach there potential – we are looking at inclusive assessment strategies, creating a safe and inclusive environment at school – literacy and numeracy goals related to our performance on the EQAO tests
  • Parent Education Evening – Presentation by Public Health Nurse regarding vaping – November 7@6:30 pm in the library 
  • Elections:
    • Officers – Chair – Sara Berry; and Christine Tulloch -secretary; Tracey Peters has expressed interest in being involved in some capacity.  


  • How to find info – HHS Website has a lot of information – updated weekly.  Suggestion – include the Tumble (which explains the order the classes – changes every Monday) to help with planning appointments. Kelly to look into it.  Perhaps the Tumble can be on the calendar?  DONE
  • HHS has six High Skills options – mos toptions in TLDSB.  Ont. Ministry of Ed is really promoting the trades right now. Studies show that students in these programs have a better graduation rate.
  • Question about mandatory online course 
  • Grade 11 marks matter for many universities.
  • 3U 3M courses also count for universities – Grade 12 marks are like a confirmation and then have to be “proofed.”
  • PD Days are prescribed by Ministryof Ed. but HHS also tried to work on our own school goals, for example, struggling readers. Also, feedback from student climate survey – those items are being worked on.
  • Canada has the highest rate of teens vaping in the world! – School can bring in Vaping Escape Room for grade 9 students and other presentations to students. Vaping seems to be slightly less of a problem than last year – increased vaping probably a result of Covid lockdowns and vaping in the bathroom increased during Covid because that was the only place they would see their friends.
  • Ideas for new clubs: Debate Club – some debating done in grade 10 English, certain teachers do more of it. Outers Club, Writers Club, e-Sports Club. Kelly to talk with teachers.
  •  Kelly reports that HHS has a great staff and the school is able to offer lots of extra-curricular activities to students (maybe even more than other schools that are “less fulsome”!).
  • Wednesday, January 17 – course info night for all parents – not just grade 8’s.  Course selection for September 2024 follows that.
  • Question about Graduation – 250 grads – Deerhurst 850/875 capacity.  Different than past – has a permanent stage now – and won’t give a final answer until later.  Arena – holds the most people – bad for photos, poor acoustics, poor sightlines. Important to school to include students with four parents, and the arena is the only place big enough.  Parent seats moved to floor, Jack Bionda more intimate than Don – but can be looked at since both are booked because a staging area is needed. Kayley Spalding coming back to do décor.  Black background – all that is available.  Kelly P in charge of graduation with a committee of teachers.  Can we do it outdoors?
  • Meeting Dates: 
  • November 20
  • February 12
  • May 13

End of Year Note

Cheers to another school year almost done! After taking a Covid-related hiatus, the HHS Parent Council was able to meet virtually four times through the 2022/23 school year, host two in-person parenting workshops, as well as send a representative to most of the TLDSB Parent Involvement Committee meetings. 

In May, we offered an information session with Mind-Aid Muskoka, a wrap-around local resource to help youth access mental health support. In June, Paul Davis, social media and online safety expert, presented to a crowd in the HHS gymnasium. Thank you to the parent councils Pine Glen PS, VK Greer PS, Huntsville PS, and Irwin Memorial PS for their support as well as Muskoka Family Focus and the TLDSB. 

Studies show that children thrive when parents are involved in their schooling. A parent’s influence doesn’t end when they enter grade 9. Consider joining our parent council next school year to stay current with issues and programs at HHS so you can better support your teenage child or children as you prepare them for the responsibilities (and joys!) of adulthood.  

Have a wonderful summer. Looking forward to connecting in the fall!


Minutes from April meeting

April 17, 2023 6:30pm
Present: Kelly P, Sara B, Vanessa T, Aaron B, Leslie S, Ann Marie T, Rada N
Regrets: Christine T
Welcome – Kelly and Sara

HHS Updates- Vanessa

● Lots of great activities happening at the school-teachers are stepping up to bring back old clubs and starting new clubs
● Some of these clubs are Anime, chess, Dungeons and Dragons, improv, eco-club
● There have been more field trips as well taking place which has been great to see.
● Our sports and athletics teams are doing well – a new ultimate frisbee team is in the process of being created. Steve Spiers and his culinary students are offering lunch to staff and students out of the cafeteria. The goal is for it to be offered 2x/week. Lunch is $5 and can be paid by cash/tap.
● HLC is running a year end Amazing Race at the school-many different clubs are becoming involved by running different stations.
● There have been different assemblies presented to students this term. An information session on vaping was presented by Simcoe Muskoka Mental Health. Information on working in the Trades Industry was presented virtually for parents/students. A presentation from MADD will be presented soon.
● A “Spring Fever” dance will be held this spring.
● Car Wash will be held on April 28.

Updates from Sara
● Report from TLDSB Parent Involvement Council Meeting on March 23, 2023. Minutes of the meeting are on the TLDSB website.
Information regarding Math and Language proficiency and ways that the board is addressing these subjects are highlighted.
● Paul Davis will be coming to the school on Friday, June 2 in the evening for parent education on social media safety and use. We will be inviting our grade 8 parents as well. Sara will get some promo information to Kelly so she can pass it onto the other schools. It will be held in the gymnasium.
● Sara has been in contact with MindAid Muskoka which is a resource for youth who have mental health issues. They can come on Tuesday, May 23 at 7 pm. Everyone seemed to think it would be a good event even though it is close to the Paul Davis evening. Sara will confirm this event. It will be held in the library and we will have coffee/tea/cookies.
● These events can be paid for by using the Parent Engagement money allotted from TLDSB.

Q & A – Question regarding how to keep students on task while they are supposed to be working on their schoolwork on their computers but they may be surfing the internet or doing other things. This is definitely a challenge for teachers to monitor. Students also need to learn how to manage their time with these distractions.
A suggestion was made about creating a Facebook page for the High School parent committee. It might be a good way to help generate interest and involvement.
There will be an introduction to Grade 9 evening for parents. It was suggested that the grade 10 parents could also be invited since there wasn’t one last year.

Next Meeting: Last meeting for the year. Will resume in the fall. Dates to be determined.


Minutes from February meeting

February 13, 2022 6:30pm
Kelly P. Sara B, Christine T, Andrea S, Ann Marie T
Welcome – Sara Berry

HHS Updates from principal Kelly Picken
● The Addams Family wrapped up on the weekend – very successful run at Algonquin Theatre.
● We had 2 Art shows in the Partner’s Hall and Cedar Books downtown during the last week of January. 
● Our sports teams are doing well – basketball for boys, volleyball for girls, curling, nordic and alpine skiing, hockey for boys and girls. Leagues are wrapping up – MPS and GBSSA finals coming up this month. We have a few skiers and swimmers heading to OFSAA before March Break. 
● The Robotics Team is gearing up for their competitions with the first one at the beginning of March. 
● With the end of the play, the Improv team is starting – this year it will be a club and hopefully they will get back into events with other schools. In the past, the Improv team went to nationals a few times. 
● We have a Math Circle at lunch once a week – these students are also gearing up for some math competitions.
● Our Eco-club is meeting once a week and they are looking at taking on the recycling issue at the school. 
● The Mental Health Committee is meeting on Thursdays. 
● The Hoya Leadership Committee meets on Mondays and they run different events throughout the year.  
● SAGA meets on Wednesdays – they help advise the staff and HLC if there are issues that come up for them. 
● We had our first round of exams since before COVID at the end of January. There was a higher level of stress than previously – we are thinking this was due to the unknown and anticipate less stress in June. 
● We had a great Course Information Night in January. Standing room only in the gym for grade 8s.  And grade
9 – 11 had meetings in the cafeteria and the library. 

School Improvement Plan
● We launched our HHS Climate Survey last week – this is a survey to try to get a feel for how students are feeling about being at HHS – part of our equity and inclusion goal for our School Improvement plan. Once we have the results we will make plans as to how to address some of the issues. 
● We had our OSSLT results – 77% of the grade 10 students passed the test. We will be working with the 23% over the next few months as they will get a chance to write again in April.
● Math teachers are working on creating assessments based on our new reporting system. 

Updates from Sara
● Report from TLDSB Parent Involvement Council Meeting on Feb 2
● Minutes of the meeting are on TLDSB website. A few interesting things came up – still in a “Covid Hangover”; the board is trying to address. Student absenteeism; climate survey going out to students; literacy and math achievement; Pathways presentation about post-high school options (apprenticeship, college, university, workplace, etc).
● Q&A – HHS has 6 high skills majors: wellness, construction, welding, transportation, hospitality and art & culture. This program is advertised to students in grade 10 and at Parent teacher interview night.
● Sara is looking to build a fundraising committee for the fall.
● We want to use our Parent Engagement money for a night for parents about mental health and we are in the planning process right now.
Q & A – There is a program called PLAR for students who are intensely pursuing a hobby or skill (e.g. competitive sport) – student should talk with guidance for info. Volunteer hours are now submitted online – no paper record anymore. Access through HHS website. Due in May of grade 12. Principal reviews all hours submitted and follows up as necessary.

Next Meeting: May 15, 2023


Minutes from November Meeting

November 14, 2022 6:30pm

Welcome & thank you – Sara Berry
● Principal welcome – Kelly Picken. Next meeting, Kelly will open the meeting at 6:00 pm to make sure to iron out the
technical kinks.
● Approval of Oct. minutes
● Approval of Nov. agenda
● Update of School Happenings – Vanessa Taylor
Another busy month! Sports – successful teams. Treaty Week this week. Land Acknowledgments each week. Daily thought and daily laugh well received. Virtual Remembrance Day ceremony, because the gym floor is not ready yet for the whole school. Parent- teacher interviews. Fall Awards night Nov. 30. – recognition of classwork done last year. Field Trips. Hosting Boys OFFSA Volleyball. SAGA heading to Gravenhurst for coffee night. Anti-racism assembly coming up. Photo retakes and Grad photos coming up. MBRP – welcoming employees from the world and subsequently to HHS. Pizza Sales beginning at end of month. Semi-formal Dec. 8, 7-10 $30 at Deerhurst – all grades welcome. One-to-one device training workshops for Chromebooks for all students. Caf Jam coming up.
● School Improvement and Equity Plan – to be finalized by November 30 – Kelly
○ Equity Goal – looking at micro-moves to be more inclusive and welcoming on a daily basis
○ Literacy Goal – using the results of our OSSLT results to move those that struggled forward – first one at end of Nov. Repeated in Spring for those who need it.
○ Math Goal – still in progress – based on EQAO
○ Overall – Looking at Assessment – using varied assessments to improve student motivation to learn and succeed.

● Clubs and Teams: – school website has been recently updated.
● Questions? Any fundraising ideas for the spring? Send ideas to Sara or Christine. Any suggestions for parent information evening? Send ideas to Sara or Christine. Variety of activities planned for Holiday Spirit week including a food drive. Band is selling pies through Windmill Bakery as a fundraiser.

February 13, 2023
April 17, 2023 ???
May 15, 2023