SAGA is a student based group that meets every Tuesday in room 316.  Any interested student may attend.  Sexual orientation is not part of our membership criteria. The group is comprised of students who are concerned about homophobia and discrimination that may occur against school and community members who may be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Questioning or Transsexual. This may or may not include concerns about family members, people in the community, individuals in the school, themselves and so on.  The focus of the group is the promotion of a non-discriminating and inclusive atmosphere at HHS.

See Ms. Potts or Mrs. Cooper for more information

Extra Support/Resource Links: (Lesbian Gay Bi Trans)
Anonymous & confidential for young people 26 years of age and under.
Call 1-800-268-YOUTH or Instant Messenger/Email [email protected] It gets better, Canada Rick Mercer Rant It Gets Better Stop saying That’s so gay! – Check it out Remember Lawrence King Lance Bass Re: Day of Silence Irish Add – Stand Up against Homophobia