Anime & Book Club

See Ms. Cannon in the library and listen for the announcements for meeting times and locations.


The Athletics club organizes spirit week and many more activities in our school. Mr. Clarke is the teacher organizer.

Caf Jam

The Caf Jam is a student-run variety show that happens three times each school year.  It is an evening showcase of student talent, featuring rock bands and singer/songwriters.  It is open to all students. Teacher contact: Mr. Witterick, Mr. Scott, Mr. Scott

Chess Club

See Mr. Arndt and listen for the announcements for meeting times and locations. Google Classroom code: kx7z2ym

Eco Club

See Mr. Schilkie and listen for the announcements for meeting times and locations. Google Classroom code: p7edeua

Dungeons & Dragons

See Mr. Arndt and listen for the announcements for meeting times and locations. Google Classroom code: i3bvs5t


HLC stands for Hoya Leadership Council – our students do a great job providing opportunities for fellow students. Mrs V Taylor is the teacher mentor.


Improv meets every Thursday at lunch in the Drama Room. Students may participate or watch. Ms. Nicole Taylor is the contact person.

Link Crew

Link Crew is a team of senior students that work to welcome new HHS students to our school.  They visit grade 8 classrooms in June and organize and run the annual grade 9 welcome dance.  They participate in events throughout the school year that welcome guests into our building.  The centerpiece of the Link Crew experience is the opportunity to deliver an amazing orientation day experience to our new students in September. 

Math Circle

Open to anyone with an interest in mathematics! Meet with Mr. Baumgart and Memorial University Professor James Munroe to work with some interesting math topics outside of the usual curriculum. This is intended to be a fun challenge for students who like to solve problems and might be interested in preparing for some upcoming math contests. Weekly meetings will usually be Monday or Thursday after school.
Teacher contact: Mr. Baumgart
Google Classroom code: amjcwj4


Most ensembles run all year long, and all students who take Music are encouraged to participate. Our bands compete in local festivals every year. Annual band trips have been to American cities like Chicago, Cleveland and New York. HHS Bands have also travelled to France twice and to Cuba four times.
Senior Band: Meets Thursdays at 3:30 – 4:30. Google Classroom code: dynivkc
Grade 9 Band: Meets Thursdays at 11:30 – 12:30
HHS Vocals: Meets Tuesdays at lunch. Google Classroom code: y436qa3
Jazz Band: Meets Mondays at 3:30 – 4:30pm. Google Classroom code: ukc6g5


Huntsville High School produces top quality musicals. We audition in the spring of odd numbered years with the performance at the Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville during the next school year.

We are currently preparing to perform The Addams Family  February 8-12 2023. Tickets are available online at Algonquin Theatre. 

Ontario Skills are competitions in a wide variety of areas.  Baking, construction, robotics, welding and robotics are just a few of the options available.  Students should contact the tech and art teachers (Mr. Spiers, Mrs. Spiers, Mr. McTavish, Mr. Brady, Mr Littlefield, Mr Lomas, Mr Palmer) in the fall to find out details.

SAGA – Sexuality and Gender Alliance

The Sexuality and Gender Acceptance club at Huntsville High School is for anyone who is looking for a safe space to eat lunch, socialize with fabulous folks, and discuss or debate topics of inclusion and acceptance! Typical meetings may include games, sharing of stories, Q & A, planning pride events, and so much more! Teachers: Ms. Potts and Mrs. Cooper.

Student Mental Health Committee

See Ms. Beattie in the guidance office.


Since 2016 Hoya Robotics team 4152 has was awards in every district event they competed in. Google Classroom code: wzqthzf

Some highlights include:

– winner of the Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors at Georgian College FRC event
2019 – winner of the Team Spirit Award sponsored by FCA Foundation at the Ontario provincial Championships
– winner of the Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi at the North Bay FRC event
– winner of the District Engineering Inspiration Award at the Durham College FRC event.

In the fall students participate in a training camp then learn the skills necessary for the sub-team they apply for.  From January to February the team builds a robot from using tools such as a CNC router, 3d printers, laser cutters, drill press and more! Competitions are in March and April with provincial and world championships following.  There are a variety of roles for students from the technical to business, photography and essay writing.  There are also great scholarships!  Contact Mr. McTavish or Mr. Palmer for details.

Techno Girls

Only 12 percent of University Computer Science students are female. The Robotics team has created Techno Girls to level the playing field. Techno Girls have competed in programming competitions, learned how to design using CAD and made robots.


Mr. Ross Clarke is the director of athletics.  You can contact him to find out who the current coach is for any of the sports teams. Huntsville High School competes in MPS AthleticsThe MPS Athletics website posts the game and competition schedules.

Fall Sports

Basketball – Junior Girls. Google Classroom code: gabfjya
Basketball – Senior Girls. Google Classroom code: npt4ppp
Cross Country Running. Google Classroom code: ycdlspu
Golf – Senior. Google Classroom code: rly5gri
Hockey – Boys. Google Classroom code: m7ieg3m
Mountain Bike Team. Google Classroom code: 3hxe5jc
Soccer – Varsity Boys. Google Classroom code: wqqfks5
Swimming. Google Classroom code: 5xx56qj
Tennis – Senior Boys & Girls. Google Classroom code: bpi3v7m
Volleyball – Junior Boys. Google Classroom code: jhubygl
Volleyballs – Senior Boys. Google Classroom code: hligpmk

Winter Sports

Alpine Skiing (Boys & Girls)
Basketball (Boys)
Curling (Boys & Girls). Google Classroom code: vujw4wm
Figure Skating (Boys & Girls)
Ice Hockey Girls. Google Classroom code: xq2mike
Nordic Skiing (Boys & Girls) – Google Classroom code: 75yvhhf
Swimming (Boys & Girls)
Volleyball (Girls)

Spring Sports

Badminton (Boys & Girls)
Field Lacrosse (Boys & Girls)
Golf (Juniors)
Mountain Bike Club (Boys & Girls)
Soccer (Girls)
Swimming (Boys & Girls)
Track & Field (Boys & Girls)
Volleyball (Co-ed)