Technology is sometimes an important, and in other ways essential, to a students learning. It is important for each student to use equipment that would benefit them in their classes.  Many students use board issued laptops as well as their own laptops, Ipads, notebooks, netbooks, e-readers and cell phones.  These pieces of technology allow for students to become increasingly independent as well as becoming more aware of their personal learning style.  Technology will benefit them in future courses, province wide test and post-secondary courses and is a part of the learning process with the current Covid-19 virus. Please contact Jill Klodnicki if you need a refresher in using your technology.


Our Pilot continues this year – Edwin!
All grade 9 ,10 and 11 students now have access to the Edwin computers at HHS.  It is a tool that the school/board is piloting to support students with 1-1 devices.  Students have access via a chromebook model to technology at school and at home – even if you don’t have internet.  Teachers are using the devices in several ways! 

All TLDSB Schools are using Google Drive Technology.

Technology Supports:

Read&Write for iPad on the App Store

Google Read and Write: Improve reading and writing confidence. Read&Write for Google Chrome provides support tools for the web and common file types accessed through Google Drive, including: Google Docs, Google Slides, PDFs and ePubs.

Google Read and write helps support speech to text, word prediction, dictionary skills, etc. Lots of tools to support having the computer read to you. See this easy Youtube Video:

Google Read and Write Tip Sheets:

SORA: Digital and Audio Books online through your Chromebook or an App for your phone. The App is located on the 9 tile dots on your Google Drive.

French Test Prep in online at a Distance | French Language Salon

Prep Anywhere: is an online program to support math with video solutions.

Google Calendar: The online Google Calendar, part of the Google Suite, is an amazing tool to keep students organized! It can be uploaded on it’s own to your phone – Android or Iphone and can sync your assignments, meets, etc. to keep you organized.

Screen Castify: Screen Castify is a great way to record yourself talking about your tasks/assignments or tests. It’s a basic click on the record button and you record your screen. You can go in and out of websites, folders online or directly on your computer. Then it uploads the audio/video to your Google Drive. You can edit it or share with your teacher. Great for students using oral responses or that prefer to ‘talk out’ their answers or add more information.