2018/2019 Alpine Team Announcements and Information

will be available here by late October.

Below is information from previous seasons.


The Alpine season came to a close on February 15th at the GBSSA Championships. Congratulations to all athletes that participated.  Some great results!  Here they are:
GBs L1 Female Individual Results
GBs L1 Female Team Results
GBs L1 Male Individual Results
GBs L1 Male Team Results
GBs L2 Female Individual Results
GBs L2 Female Team Results
GBs L2 Male Individual Results
GBs L2 Male Team Results

Next up: the Athletics Awards Banquet – in June..


Required Documentation and General Information

2016/2017 Intro Package
Parent Consent Form
Interschool Athletic Participation Form
OFSAA Alpine Playing Regulations
Osler Bluff Waiver
Hidden Valley Waiver


Mr Nico Byl
Ms Tara Schmidtke
Mrs. Jennifer Creasor
Mrs. Kim Sasson


Season Highlights/Results

February 8th Osler Bluff GS Race Results

Level 1 Female Individual Results
Level 1 Female Team Results
Level 1 Male Individual Results
Level 1 Team Results
Level 2 Female Individual Results
Level 2 Female Team Results
Level 2 Male Individual Results
Level 2 Male Team Results

In the news again: see Doppler Article.

January 13th Hidden Valley SL Race Results

Open Males Team
Open Males Individual
Open Females Team
Open Females Individual
High School Males Team
High School Males Individual
High School Females Team
High School Females Individual

Great Doppler Article on us: click here to view.

December 22nd Mount St. Louis/Moonstone GS Race Results

level 1f_Individual_Results
level 1f_Team_Results
level 1m_Individual_Results
level 1m_Team_Results
level 2f_Individual_Results
level 2f_Team_Results
level 2m_Individual_Results
level 2m_Team_Results


January 13, 2017 Slalom Highlights

December 3rd, dry-land training day: Bob Sutcliffe of Algonquin Outfitters gives a Tech and Tuning Talk.  Thanks Bob!




Scenes from the past:

Team Photo GBs
GBSSA Championships February 2016

HHS Alpine Teams 2014/2015