For Students Currently at Huntsville High School

(Students currently in grade 8, see below)

PowerSchool will open on, or just before January 15, 2020 for students and parents to enter course requests for next school year.  Entries for current high school students are due on February 19, 2020.  Any student who would like to get a head start on this process is welcome to do so.  Guidance counselors are ready to meet with you anytime including throughout the Semester One exam period (the last week of January).

Course Selection Work Sheet 2020 2021
See all courses being offered at a glance.  Use this sheet to plan your requests.

Course Selection Instructions
PowerSchool Login Screen (Course registration will open on January 15, 2020)
Course Calendar 2020 2021 – describes all courses on offer, provides detailed instructions, FAQs, etc.

Senior Students: wondering about college or university program prerequisites? Do your research at:
Ontario Universities’ Info – to research Ontario University programs;
OntarioColleges – to research Ontario College programs. – research linkages between college and university programs.

For Students Currently in Grade 8

Guidance counselors will be visiting grade 8 classes during the week of January 6, 2020 to deliver a welcome message and a registration package to each student.  Copies of the materials that will be distributed are also accessible below.  Students and parents are invited to attend an information evening at Huntsville High School on Tuesday, January 14, 2020.  It starts at 7:00 pm.

Note: course selections, for students currently enrolled in a TLDSB elementary school, are done on-line.

Message to Parents
Grade 8 Information Booklet and Course Selection Instructions
Course Selections Worksheet
UP MATH Brochure

PowerSchool Login Screen (will be open from January 8th until January 25th)

Course Planning Sheet – Long Range
TLDSB Health Form
School Registration Form
SchoolMessenger Parent Communication Form
Specialized Services Info form

And, for students who are not currently enrolled in a TLDSB school:

Grade 9 Course Selection Form
Non-resident Student Request Form