Muskoka Men of Song Bursary

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This Bursary is due April 15, 2023, follow the link for more details and to access the application


  1. The applicant must be 18 years of age or younger, a resident of Muskoka, is experiencing financial limitations and/or accessibility to instruction and has had at least two years of study in formal music instruction with a qualified instructor.
  2. All proceeds from a successful application must be for the benefit of the individual applicant only and the applicant must demonstrate a desire to pursue advanced training/education in music.
  3. The applicant must aspire to be involved in musical performance within the community.
  4. The money from the bursary must be used to assist in obtaining instruction beyond that available in school courses.
  5. An applicant’s instructor must provide a written, confidential recommendation in support of the applicant’s request, including an expression of the applicant’s ability in their chosen field.