ROMI – Opportunity for Students Interested in Medicine

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Are you interested in a future career in medicine? You may be interested in the ROMI mentorship program.

The Rural Outreach and Mentorship Initiative (ROMI) is a program run through the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada and aims to provide mentorship to high school students from rural areas about the transition to post-secondary education and careers in medicine by connecting them with medical students from across Canada.

We pair high school students with current Canadian medical students and provide opportunities for monthly, one-on-one meetings via whatever platform is most accessible. Students will also have the opportunity to attend larger group sessions to discuss general aspects of medicine as a career (panel discussion about different pathways to medicine, information on what the medical school application looks like, what a career in medicine entails, etc). The minimum commitment for mentees is 2 hours per month and the program runs until the end of the school year.

Please reach out if you have any questions about the program and we would be happy to answer them (email: [email protected])!

Sign-up form:
Deadline: October 31, 2023

The ROMI Team