Huntsville Municipal Accommodation Tax Association excited to support HHS robotics competition

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Huntsville, ON, November 9, 2023 – The Huntsville Municipal Accommodation Tax Association (HMATA) is excited to support Huntsville High School’s robotics team, Hoya Robotics, in bringing a First Robotics competition to Huntsville.

Planning for the competition, which would attract upwards of 20 high school robotics teams to Huntsville, is in the works for the new year.

“We think this is a great event and we are pleased to support it,” Jeff Suddaby, HMATA board chair, told the team on behalf of the HMATA board of directors. “You not only shared your passion for robotics with us, you opened our eyes to the positive economic benefits that this competition can bring to Huntsville. We look forward to welcoming your competitors. Go, Hoyas, go!”

HMATA’s $9,000 contribution is a “huge seed for a big garden,” said HHS teacher and robotics mentor, Ian McTavish. The team aims for this to be the first of many competitions in Huntsville and invites the community to attend one of these thrilling events.